Low Voltage Disconnect

Product Information

The ICT200-LVD Low Voltage Disconnect is designed to protect batteries from damage by over-discharging. It features a wide voltage operating range that allows it to be used in 12, 24 or 48VDC site installations, with either positive or negative grounds. It is capable of disconnecting 200 amps at 12 or 24 volts DC, or 100 amps at 48 volts DC (nominal). The ICT Low Voltage Disconnect features an ICT Intelligent Power Control front panel LCD display with a rotary encoder selector and ENTER button to allow easy, accurate setting of disconnect and reconnect voltage set points.

The home screen of the display shows battery voltage and current, as well as the LVD device status. The settings screens show low voltage warning, disconnect threshold, reconnect point, and manual disconnect/reconnect settings. An Alarm screen will show Low Voltage Warning or Disconnect status. There is an optional password protection level on the interface that a user can select if desired. There is an over-ride feature that allows a user to manually open or close the LVD contactor.

The rear panel contains a 5 position connector for battery +/- sense connections, and Form C alarm relay contacts. An alarm will be sent when a low voltage disconnect or over-current event occurs.

The operating temperature range is -30°C to 60°C, and the ICT200-LVD is designed to meet the UL1950 standard.

Feature Highlights

  • Supports 12, 24 or 48VDC nominal
  • Disconnects 200amps at 12 or 24V and 100A at 48V
  • Positive or negative ground
  • Intelligent power control interface
  • Remote voltage sense contacts
  • Adjustable disconnect and reconnect voltage set points
  • LCD display shows voltage, current, status
  • Remote contacts for alarm notification
  • Manual override setting
  • Password protection feature
  • 2 year warranty