Isolated Series 50-100

Product Information

The ICT ISOLATED SERIES 50-100 converter has been designed to operate from a negative or positive ground electrical system, providing complete isolation between primary and secondary circuits, as well as isolation from the chassis. Voltage range is from 50-100VDC input to a regulated 12VDC output at 20 amps. Extra input filtering and spike detection are standard and essential for all applications including site, heavy-duty industrial and off-road equipment.

The 50100 converter is ideally suited for railroad locomotive applications that require 72VDC input to 12VDC output for their in-cab radios.

Feature Highlights

  • 50-100 Volt DC Input to 12 Volt DC Output
  • 20 Amp peak output current (17 Amp continuous)
  • Rugged design for moisture and vibration resistance
  • Convection cooled, fanless design
  • 2 year warranty