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ICT200DB-12IRC Distribution Panel
IP Address:
Firmware: v3.10

Network Setup

MAC Address:00:50:C2:D2:10:13
Enable DHCP:
IP Address:
Subnet Mask:
Primary DNS:
Secondary DNS:

Web Server
HTTP Port:
UDP Port:

Warning: Changing these ports may affect your ability to access the
Distribution Panel.

Enable SNMP:
SNMP Version:
Enable SNMP Write Access:
SNMP Contact Information:

v1/v2c Settings:
Read Community:
Write Community:

v3 Settings:
User Name:
Authentication Protocol:
Authentication Password:
Privacy Protocol:
Privacy Password:

Trap Settings:
Trap Community:
Trap IP Addresses:

The SNMP MIB file for this device can be downloaded [ HERE ].

Changing the Network Settings will reboot the Distribution Panel.