ICT Sample Site
ICT180S-12IRC Distribution Panel
IP Address:
Firmware: v2.10

Device Setup

Device Info
Site Name:
Model:ICT180S-12IRC Distribution Panel
Hardware:Version 01

Date and Time Settings
Current System Time:09/17/21 01:02:30
Synchronize with NTP Server:
NTP Server:
Time Zone:
Set Time Manually:
      Date (MM/DD/YY): / /
      Time (HH:MM:SS): : :

Power-On Sequencing/Cycling
Sequence/Cycle Delay: second(s)
Reverse Sequence Order:

Network Watchdog
Watchdog Enabled:
Primary IP Address:
Secondary IP Address:
Watchdog Timeout: minute(s)

When the Network Watchdog times out, all Outputs with the
"Enable Power Cycling" option enabled will be cycled.

Data Logging
Data Logging:
Log Start Date:08/18/21 12:30:10
Clear Log Now: