Communications - Maintenance

Reset Intelligent Controller Module
This will reset the Intelligent Controller Module without interrupting DC power to the output terminals on the Power System. Alarms will be cleared. Existing settings are maintained.

Restore Factory Default Settings
This will restore ALL settings to the original factory default values, including all passwords.
System DC output will be enabled.
Remote communications may be lost.
On-site reconfiguration may be required.

To reset only the IP address and Administrator password to the original default values, select "Reset Comm Settings" in the LCD menu on the front of the Intelligent Controller Module.

Export and Import Settings
Export the current configuration of the Power System to a file, or import a previously saved configuration file.

Firmware Update
Update the Intelligent Controller Module with the latest firmware.

Send Test E-mail
This will send a test e-mail using the settings on the E-mail Setup page.

Ping Diagnostics Tool
Use this tool to verify connectivity to any network device.

Host or IP address: