Module #4 - Control

Module Output Control
Output #1: Radio 1Output #3: RF Amplifier
Output #2: Radio 2Output #4: Repeater

If Power Cycling is enabled in Module Output Configuration settings, the "Off" button will be replaced with a "Cycle" button.

Master Output Control

Module Setup   (Click "Save Settings" when finished)

Power-On Sequencing / Power Cycling
Delay Time: second(s)(0 - 60)

This sets the delay time before energizing each output when the System DC Output is turned on, or when an output
is power cycled.

Alarm Reporting
When an alarm is triggered on this module,
Activate Alarm Form C Contact:
Send E-mail:

Module Output Configuration   (Click "Save Settings" when finished)

Select an Output to edit
#1: Radio 1#3: RF Amplifier
#2: Radio 2#4: Repeater

Output # Settings
Output Label:
Output State after Power Loss:
Ignore Circuit Breaker Status:
Enable Power Cycling:

If Power Cycling is enabled, "Delay Time" must be set above.

Output # Load-Shedding
Enable Load-Shedding:
Load-Shedding Threshold: VDC(9.0 - 58.5)
Recovery Threshold: VDC(10.5 - 60.0)
Load-Shedding Auto Recovery:

If enabled, Load-Shedding will disable this Output if the system voltage drops below the threshold for at least 30 seconds.

Output # Over-Current Alarm
Over-Current Threshold:> A(0 - 20)

When an Over-Current condition occurs on this Output,
Disable this Output:

This alarm will have no effect if the threshold is set to 0 Amps.

Output # Under-Current Alarm
Under-Current Threshold:< A(0 - 20)

This alarm will have no effect if the threshold is set to 0 Amps.