Digital Series

Product Information

The ICT DIGITAL SERIES is a 1RU DC power supply with universal power factor corrected input that provides 675 or 1350 watts of output power at 12, 24 or +/- 48VDC output at 90 to 93 percent efficiency. The output voltage and current limit can be quickly and accurately adjusted using the Intelligent Power Control interface on the front panel. Optional battery backup provides automatic revert capability, and the LVD settings can be adjusted to suit the application requirement. A TCP/IP Ethernet option provides complete remote monitoring and control of the power supply and all installed options. The ICT Digital Series is designed to provide the most reliable, flexible, innovative DC power solution available for communications, broadband, telecom, utility, transportation, process control, in-building DC power, and other demanding DC power applications.

Software Demonstration

Feature Highlights

  • 1RU design saves valuable rack space
  • 675 or 1350 watts of output power
  • 12, 24 or +/- 48 VDC output
  • 90 - 93% efficiency over a broad power range
  • Universal power factor corrected AC input
  • Intelligent power control interface with password protection
  • Adjustable output voltage
  • Adjustable current limit
  • Standard form C alarm contacts
  • Optional TCP/IP Ethernet communications for remote monitoring and control
  • Optional factory installed battery backup with automatic revert and LVD with adjustable set points
  • Up to six Digital Series power supplies can be easily paralleled together
  • 2 year warranty